Save PQ Village Advocacy is in full effect until San Diego City Council takes the Pacific Village project up to vote early 2018. As you know from our last call to action which was on December 7, 2017 the SAVE PQ VILLAGE advocacy team spoke up in opposition of the Pacific Village project at the Planning Commission meeting.  The outcome of the vote was not in our favor and the result is as follows: 5-favor 1 -oppose 1-abstain although disappointed we understood the high likelihood of this result and will continue to advocate through the final vote of this project. The Save PQ Village team has met with City Council regarding our concern for our neighbors additionally advocating for the increase of low-moderate affordable housing for our community.  As a result of speaking up for our community there has been better efforts although minimal from the developer and management to assist with relocation. Additionally low-moderate affordable housing has increased in this proposal from 0-28 to now 60 for this project. The Save PQ Village Team is dedicated to continue to speak up for the needs of the residence of PQ village and to promote well-balanced communities of all economic backgrounds. Stay tuned in ways you can help leading up to City Council.


For SAVE PQ Village Video:

YOU CAN STILL VOICE OPPOSITION TO THE PROJECT BY calling your San Diego City Council member now!  To find your City Council member’s phone number and email, visit

·        Please be calm and respectful in all your communications on behalf of PQ Village. 

·        We suggest you begin with this brief statement: “I am with Save PQ Village in opposition to the Pacific Village redevelopment”, then tell them your concerns about PQ Village.

·        If you are not able to call, please email your concerns with the Subject line: “Save PQ Village, No to Pacific Village!

·        Please send us a quick message at to let us know how it went and visit for more events and information.