Story Telling Prompts

  • Tell about a “turning point” in your life and how God was involved.
  • Tell about a time when you felt God’s will was being made very clear to you.
  • Tell about a time when you felt that God was very close to you.
  • What is your earliest memory of faith, either at church or at home?
  • What does it mean to you?
  • Who was, or is, one of the most influential people in your faith life? Why?
  • Can you identify different stages in the growth of your faith? What were they?
  • What has God been teaching you lately?
  • Have you had a special experience of a sacrament?
  • Is there a Scripture passage that has become a “life verse” for you? Why?
  • Have you ever experienced something you would call a “miracle”?
  • Have you had an experience participating in a ministry that stands out?
  • How has sacred music/art/nature deeply moved you?
  • Can you think of a time you helped someone, how did you feel?