Confirmation is a sacrament in which the Holy Spirit is given to strengthen the baptized faithful and help them share and defend the faith. Adults who missed Confirmation during their youth can attend ten classes to prepare them to be confirmed in May.

Adult Confirmation 2019

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In order to ensure the valid and fruitful reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation at OLMC, the candidate must have been (1) Baptized as a Catholic and have received Reconciliation and First Holy Communion; (2) faithful participant in Sunday Mass, (3) registered member of the parish or residing within the parish territory; and (4) not cohabitating or married outside the Catholic Church.  Divorced Catholics who are NOT remarried or cohabitating may prepare for Confirmation. Remarried candidates should discuss their situation with a parish priest. 

Each confirmation candidate needs a sponsor.  The Sponsor Form can be found below and must be filled in the presence of a Priest/Deacon. Candidates should provide reliable phone numbers and email address for future communications of announcements, reminders and make-up assignments in case they miss class. 


Make-Up Class Information:

To make up a missed class, please watch or read the content specified below for that class.  The Happiness, Symbolon, and Catholicism series can be found at  You'll need to go the website and create an account using your e-mail, a password you create, and the parish access code, KPY328.  Please note there are two parts to the Symbolon series, I and II.  Make sure to find the right one.  

Lesson 1

Finding Happiness: Go to ‘Special Topics,’ below the programs section, click Happiness and watch lesson 1 (4 Levels of Happiness)

The Existence of God: Symbolon I Session 1

Lesson 2

Salvation History: Symbolon I Session 3 &4

Jesus Christ:  Symbolon I Session 5 & 6

Lesson 3                     

The Church: Symbolon I Session 8

The Last Things: Symbolon I Session 10

Lesson 4                                   

Sacraments: Read 112, 116, and 117

Lesson 5

Confession: Symbolon II Session 4

Eucharist: Symbolon II Session 2 & 3

Lesson 6

Holy Spirit: Symbolon I Session 7

Confirmation: Symbolon II Session 1

Lesson 7   

Prayer: Catholicism Episode 9

Mary: Catholicism Episode 4

Lesson 8                                                                         

Controversial Moral Issues: Symbolon II Session 7 & 8

Lesson 9                      

Beatitudes / Virtue: Catholicism Episode 2

Lesson 10                                                          

Mission: watch 11 and 12