Dear OLMC Parishioner,

Welcome to our new parish communication system.  We are now using Flocknote to better communicate with all of our parishioners. Flocknote utilizes text messaging and/or email.  We promise not to bombard you with messages.  We will send our monthly e-mail highlighting upcoming events using this system.  In addition, we will send occasional text messages reminding you of important events such as Holy Day Masses and the Faith Formation Registration deadline.  

You can sign up to be on certain group lists, such as Hearts of Fire (Encounter) and Young Adults.  For text Messages, the parish general account and group lists will come from different phone numbers.  Once you receive one, please save it in your contact list in your phone so you can easily recognize future messages.  For some messages, you will have an option of replying to the message. 

You have received this message using the contact information you provided directly to OLMC.  If you would like to add yourself to other groups mentioned above, you can opt in by going to and entering the mobile number or email address where you received this message.  If you don't want to be added to additional groups, you are all set.

If you received this message via email, we do not have your mobile number.  If you would like to add your mobile number,  you can opt in by going to and entering your mobile number and email address where you received this message.  By entering both pieces, it will link your mobile number and email address.

You can opt out at any time, but we hope you don’t.  Communication is the foundation of every good relationship, and we hope by using Flocknote, you will be better connected to your parish family. 

Yours In Christ,
Fr. Anthony