May 9, 2019

When I started as pastor of OLMC seven years ago, one of my top priorities was to hire the right Youth Minister.  I was blessed to find Mark Jacob, who has served our teens and their families with great competence and dedication, as well as sharing his considerable musical abilities to help us all worship God.  Mark built a team of youth and adult leaders who have worked together to connect with our teens and provide excellent instruction in the faith and impactful retreats and youth events.  Hundreds of teens have been prepared for and received the Sacrament of Confirmation.   

A couple of months back, Mark let me know that he had discerned it was time for him to return to working in the secular world.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Mark and sad to see him go, although I know he will maintain many of the friendships that he has formed at OLMC.  Around the same time, our Coordinator of Young Adult ministry, Julius Medrano, let me know that he was leaving his work here at the parish to do missionary work.  Please pray for Mark and Julius that God bless them abundantly as they begin a new stage in their lives.        

I have hired Theresa Inoue as the new Director of Youth and Young Adult Discipleship.  The change in job title is intentional.  It reflects a new emphasis on ministering to our young people by meeting their pastoral needs through mentoring that will equip them to be lifelong missionary disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Theresa was raised in San Diego, the oldest of eight children.  She attended Catholic elementary and high school.  She was mentored in the faith by the youth minister at Sacred Heart in Ocean Beach, Jamie Cleaton.  She earned a Bachelors in Theology with a concentration in Youth Ministry at Franciscan University in Steubenville.  She is finishing a Masters in Theology at Notre Dame, a program which includes multiple internships in pastoral ministry.  Her first day on the job will be July 16.  I think you will find her to be a great addition to the great team that we have here at OLMC. 

—Fr. Anthony Saroki, Pastor


Theresa Inoue

Incoming Director of Youth and Young Adult Discipleship